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  • These 2 versions are going to be updated today at the PTS at around 13:00 CET.
    The plan is to update live servers on Thursday, 7th of February. Please wait for confirmation before announcing the live update, I'll post here once it is sure it is coming on Thursday.

    Changelog Lobby 1.4.2
    [Feature] The News Hub has a mobile view.
    [Feature] The ban reason is displayed when an account is banned.
    [Bug fix] The info icon in the hint message of the account transfer is displayed in the correct position.
    [Bug fix] The field to redeem a code is now centered.
    [Bug fix] The links box is properly displayed in IE11
    [Bug fix] When an account is gifted through Ipad the game account is logged out as soon as the gifting code is introduced in the new Lobby account.

    Changelog Game 6.8.4
    [Bug fix] Winning an auction does not mark activity on the account any longer.
    [Bug fix] Support link in the validation and password recovery mail is correct now.
  • On Wednesday, 23.01.2019 between 10:00 CET and ~10:20 all forum hosts will be taken down for a short maintenance to install important operating system and security updates.
    Note: this has nothing to do with the forum software as such, the forums themselves don't change at all. This is just a server update.

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