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  • Dear community,
    Happy 16th Anniversary to all of you!
    As part of the celebration, we are opening 6 Event servers in 6 different communities.
    EN, DE, FR, ES, PL, TR

    These servers will start on 5th of October.
    With the opening of the servers we are also starting a 2 weeks event! The event is running from 5th of October until 19th of October.

    They will have the following settings:
    • Economy speed: 10x
    • Fleet speed: 8x
    • Research speed: 20x
    • Debris field: 70%
    • Debris field defense: 50%
    • ACS: active
    • Circular galaxies / systems
    • 5 galaxies
    • Validation dark matter: 25.000
    • Deuterium consumption: 40%
    • Probe storage: 10
    As you can see there are 2 settings that are not common picks for standard servers.
    With these event servers we included a research speed factor and the Espionage probe capacity is increased frfom 5 to 10.

    We hope you enjoy playing in these servers!

    Rewards list by tops:
    • 1- Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard + 3x 50€ Dark Matter coupons + ingame research or building level
    • possible layout: US DE FR ES

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