OGame CZ

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  • Dear community,

    today we want to approach you with a statement about the merge and everything that happened related to it. We want to explain what went wrong and how we want to prevent such issues in the future. And most importantly, we want to apologize.

    We want to apologize for every step that went wrong and wasn’t expected (like it happened) and for all the inconveniences you might have had during the merge phase. We would also like to take this opportunity to send a huge “thank you” to our voluntary teams out there, who did (and still do) an amazing job within the communities supporting our players and assisting them with all the given issues.

    But what happened?
    As you know, the last OGame merge was done a very long time ago. Old universes became more and more inactive, players had not much to do anymore, and for sure it was time to bring everybody closer again. Initially, it was our goal to develop a completely new merge system. However, based on the required time to do so,…